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…So Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about cause and effect…(2014) for Electric guitar and talkbox; Commissioned by Guitarist, Jesse Langen, Chicago; Dur. 6 min.

Crumple (2012) for Solo Percussion; Commissioned by Percussionist Caleb Herron and the Atlanta Chamber Cartel, Atlanta; Dur. 4.5 min.

Suite for Extended Voice (2012) amplified Soprano, electronics, & Piano; Dur. 3 min.

Granulate (2011) for Solo Soprano Saxophone and Electronics; Commissioned by Saxophonist, John Perrine, Cleveland; Dur. 4 min.


Grafter (2015 - 2017) for voices, bodies, hanging speakers, and live electronics; Written for and with Mezzo soprano Jessica Aszodi; Dur. 25 min.

Pas de deux (2015) for violin with two vocalizing players; Commissioned by Linda Jankowska; Manchester; Dur. 10 min.

Nested (2013) installation for voice, electric guitar, live electronics, fabric columns, transducers on pulleys; Commissioned by Carrie Henneman Shaw and Jesse Langen; St. Louis/Chicago; Dur. 14 min.

Stitch (2013) for flute and percussion with fabric installation; Commissioned by A/B Duo, Chicago/San Francisco; Dur. 7 min.

Aqualung (2013) for soprano and singing violinist; Commissioned by Chicago performance series Singers on New Ground; Dur. 6 min.

Shake (2012) for Clarinet & Percussion; Commissioned by DMC Duo, San Diego/Atlanta; Dur. 5 min.

Germina (2009) for Violin & Cello; Dur. 7 min.


Duo for Actual and Human Celli (After Cage, Moorman, Paik) (2017) for Cello and DIY instrument with two operators; Commissioned by Heterodyne Trio, San Diego/Saratoga Springs/Boston; Dur. 15 min.

Breathpiece (2012) for Voice, Cello, and Double Bass; Commissioned by Bassist, Scott Dixon, Cleveland; Dur. 15 min.

A Mosaic of Broken Glass Bottles (2008) for Flute, Cello, & Piano; Dur. 5 min.


Plank Rodeo (2016) for 4 movement artists on amplified wooden planks, lights, and controlled feedback; Written for Mocrep, Chicago; Dur. 35 min.

Empies (2014) for Loadbang: baritone, bass clarinet, Bb trumpet & trombone; performed in Chicago and Boston, 2015; Dur. 10 min.


Falterer (2014) for soprano, oboe, percussion, prepared harpsichord, & double bass; Commissioned by Riot Ensemble, London; Dur. 9 min.

Inkblot (2012) for Amplified Heartbeat, Amplified Soprano, and String Quartet; Commissioned by Spektral Quartet, Chicago; Dur. 4 min.

Bat Anatomy (2010) for Soprano and Piano Quartet; Commissioned by NO EXIT New Music Ensemble, Cleveland; Dur. 6 min. (Listen to Mvmnt. II)


Spidergrass: Octet for Young Players (2013) for clarinet, oboe, trombone, Piano 4-hands, percussion, violin, and cello; Commissioned by Chicago’s People’s School of Music; Dur. 5 min.

Spoonbill (2011) for Flute, Clarinet, Harp, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello; Dur. 6 min.

Three Miniatures for Sunset (2010) for Accordion, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Violin, Cello, and Double Bass; Commissioned by Jayce Ogren and Young Kreisler Ensemble, Seattle; Dur. 4 min.

Arrangement of Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming (2009) for SSAATTBB Choir, Dur. 5 min.


By/Of (2015) for 5 corporeally-amplified movement artists, live electronics, projection, and mobile lighting; Dissertation Project: Northwestern University; Dur. 40 minutes

And in doing so, she very nearly lost her will to do it in the first place. (2015) for Orchestra and Taiko Drumming Ensemble; Commissioned by Chicago Composers Orchestra and Tsukasa Taiko, Chicago; Dur. 15 min.

How to Accidentally Kill a Crow (2012) for Chamber Orchestra; Dur. 8 minutes

Subject to Change (2012) Sound Installation for household objects, pre-recorded sound, live electronics, & prepared speakers; Presented by High Concept Laboratories, Summer 2012, Chicago

Aunt Marge’s Funeral (2009) Musical Theater Piece for Electronics, Actors, Soprano, Alto, Autoharp, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, and Piano; Master’s Thesis Project: Cleveland State University; Dur. 30 min.

Thistle (2009) for Chamber Orchestra; Dur. 4 min.